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mohamed ayachi ajroudi, mohamed ajroudi, paix, homme d affaire, inventeur, entrepreneur, humaniste

Mohamed Ayachi, AJROUDI

Born on 12/22/51 in GABES TUNISIE

Franco Tunisian

Resident in Saudi Arabia since 1985

Married 2 sons


IEngineer, Idustrial, Polyglot and Businessman,

– Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is at the origin of many technological innovations and head of several international companies.

– Tunisian Origin, he continued his studies in France.

– Since 1985 is resident in Saudi Arabia.

A flashback to an entrepreneur with a multifaceted career path.

The Culture of Openness

Born in 1951, Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI is from Gabès, a city located in the southeast of Tunisia. He grew up in a family of French army officers, which became Tunisian army after the independence of Tunisia in 1956. His grandfather witnessed the First War world as a Sergeant of the French army. His father is a commander, his uncle chief of the Defense Staff.

Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI’s father encourages him to continue studying in

France. Young teenager, he left his native country to join the French Maritime Academy of Saint-Malo in 1967.

For five years, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi travelled the seas and oceans before leaving the Navy in 1972 with the rank of Lieutenant.

He was then admitted to the Engineering School of Lille (E.S.L, now Polytech), from which he graduated in 1977 (hydraulics specialty).


Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi joined ISEE OFFSHORE in 1978, located in the Pas-de-Calais; the company is specialized in ELF and ETPM oil and marine works. (Gabon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East, Australia) (Manufactures jackets, barge attachments, laying offshore pipelines…). The French-Tunisian entrepreneur took over the company three years later, after setting up his own engineering company: AMIS – Artois Maintenance Industries Services, specializing in oil activities. Rapidly, the two firms acquired an international reputation, thanks to their strong capacity for innovation. For example, AMIS is at the origin of the manufacture of the moles and tunnel boring machines used to drill the tunnels for metros of Lille and Caracas. PERFOREX

Gradually, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is broadening the scope of his activity to the Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

It was at this time that Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi invented a system of underground irrigation, called « LE PORTUBE II », which he uses to combat the desertification. A System, successfully tested in the governorate of Gabes. – In Saudi Arabia (he will be rewarded with the medal of merit of the cities of Mecque and Jeddah – by Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen) – in PARIS: irrigation of the sloping lawn of the Bercy Palace)

He also designed SPORVERT, a tool that allows the building of a football field in one week instead of six. (This invention is rewarded by LANVAR.)

A skilled negotiator, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi multiplies the contracts in France, as well as Saudi Arabia (he also works with Thermo Solar to develop voltaic panels in Germany and in Tunisia).

In 1988-89, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi joined the world foundation for the Quality of Life; he receives from Professor DEBOT an HC. doctorate of the University of Gent in Belgium for its research against desertification in Africa; it is carrying out a major study on the partial diversion of the Zaire River for the construction of a canal between the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea.

In the Middle East, he is involved in several projects for the development of agriculture in Saudi Arabia and receives an H.C. doctorate from the University of the Suez Canal.

Carried by the success of his activities and the success of his projects, Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI founded during the decades 1990 – 2000 companies, in different sectors, in particular:

-In France: SADEG PROMOTION (Inc.) (Construction and real estate promotion) – Objectif Pertinence S.A.(Inc.) (specialized in the study and realization of railroads) – A.E.S. S.A.(Inc.) (Aqua treatments and Energies Services) desalination and energy.

-In Saudi Arabia: Razin Contracting (Oil works) – SNCFIME (In charge of the creation and development of the railway in Saudi Arabia) – (« LAMBRIDGE » Jeddah, Riyad, Dammam, « MMRL » Mecca,Medina, Jeddah).

– In TUNISIA: SOGETRAM (Goods Transport Company). AJROUDI Company (civil engineering).

– In Morocco: Water supply and treatment, real estate, – Ferrara aggregates quarry.

A network man with a sharp sense of contact and a reputation for his talents as a negotiator, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is going a long way with Christian PROT (Campenon Bernard & Dumez), collaborates with major groups in Saudi Arabia, formerly Lyonnaise des Eaux, now SUEZ, for the development of seawater desalination projects for distribution, then treatment of wastewater for agricultural use. (Installation of SUEZ and obtaining contracts with the prince of Mecca and Jeddah). – Introduction of VEOLIA to RIYAD. He becomes the President of SAFEGE ARABIA.

He usually deals with policy makers around the world. He works on the development of the railway network, thanks to SNCFIME for the study of the MMRL and Lambridge route.


Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI focuses on the development of solar energy and the Waste Energy System in oil-producing countries in the Middle East: the art of converting an urban disadvantage into an ecological advantage, for the benefit of CNIM (Inc.), of which he has become advisor until February 2018.


Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI develops CNIM (Inc.) in the Middle East, participates in the creation of the Saudi and Middle East subsidiaries of the French group, of which he is the chairman.

CNIM (Inc.) (3600 employees in France): Present in 23 countries, the group designs and sells turn-key industrial equipment and assemblies to strong technological component and offers consulting services in several sectors: defense, environment, industry, energy, high tech, transport, biology. Founded in 1856, under Napoleon, the group is recognized worldwide for its technical expertise, innovation capabilities and its environmental concerns.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has negotiated several technological and environmental projects in the course of his duties at the head of CNIM Saudi Arabia and Middle East. In particular in renewable energy, through the treatment and processing of waste: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, the Emirates (Sharjah, Abu Dhabi).

As desirous as he may be to participate in the economic development of his native country, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi signed a public-private partnership with the Tunisian National Sanitation Office (ONAS) in 2010. The objective is, , to export advisory services and implement environmental projects via a joint venture company.

Political And Media Commitment

In January 2011, date of the Tunisian revolution Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is a member of the National Dialogue, which has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

In parallel to his activity as a businessman, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi leads humanitarian fights for peace and tolerance.

In 2013, Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI obtains from the HAÏCA in Tunisia the license to broadcast by satellite of the TV channel AL JANOUBIYA (It also broadcasts from a studio at Place Vendôme in Paris).

The channel, without advertising sponsoring, uses this medium to broadcast messages in favor of inter-religious dialogue, civil peace, and economic and cultural development. It fights against all forms of terrorism and political Islam (its journalists are on the field in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Sub-Saharan Africa).

In 2015, as a member of the R20, he participates in the preparation of the COP 21 (Paris conference on climate change).

In July 2017, he participates in the organization of the Muslim Marsh against Terrorism, represented by 63 Mosque preachers (Imams) from all over Europe, in order to confront the terrorist attacks that are affecting many cities of the old continent. It starts in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Toulouse, and ends in Nice on July 14 in the presence of President Macron.

Also in 2017, within the framework of the most important event of radio and television and media in the Arab countries, in the presence of Ministers of Communication, Ambassadors and stars of art and media, from all Arab countries, the channel AL JANOUBIYA was awarded the prize for excellence and creativity as well as for its professionalism and seriousness in the treatment of events, this during a sparkling ceremony in Tunis.

In 2018, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi invites Jews from all over the world to return to make their pilgrimage to the ancient synagogue of Djerba. (More than 2500 years of history). A strong symbol that expresses human convictions and values.


He helps and participates in many movements in various sectors:

-The donations for orphans in various countries.

-Help for the wounded of the Tunisian revolution: he supports the costs of medical treatments in France of several wounded of the Tunisian revolution in well-known Parisian hospitals.


Since 2011 Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI, militates for peace in Libya through many humanitarian actions and assistance to Libyan refugee families in Tunisia (Home housing, food, school …).

He organizes multiple meetings and negotiations with the different Libyan tribal chiefs in order to restore dialogue among them, until they are reunited.

This success was congratulated and rewarded with official recognition, following the creation of the Supreme Council of Libyan Cities and Tribes, whose President and Mr. Ageli Abdussalam Breni (former Governor of the Libyan Central Bank).

Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI was appointed the official representative of the Supreme Council of Libyan Cities and Tribes to work on peace negotiations for Libya.

He began his work by meeting with various Presidents of the African union.

Initiator of the meeting between President Alpha Condé, President of the AU in 2017 and President Ageli Breni, the latter was able to directly express his desire to see the AU get involved in this peace movement.

President SASSOU NEGUESSO, who became President of the AU in succession to President Alpha CONDÉ, has perpetuated this mission. Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI has therefore organized several AU-supervised meetings between the tribal chiefs and the AU Chairperson in Brazzaville, Addis-Abeba.

Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI was the initiator and organizer of the meetings between President Ageli Breni and influential personalities.

He also met senior officials of the European Committee, notably in Brussels at the EU with Mr. Louis Michel and of the French government (President Holland and President Macron).


On November 06th, a trip to Benghazi, received by the General, the Pilote Mohamed Madani Younes President of the Military Investment Authority. At the end of this meeting a Protocol was signed between MIA and Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, with the aim of the reconstruction and development of Libya’s needs.


The organization of the 50th anniversary of the French speaking countries, which will be held in October 2020 in Tunisia.


President of the Hammamet Sports Association 2016-2017

President of “Stade Nabeulien” team since 2017.

Honorary President along 15 years of “Stade Gabésien” Cub.

Various participations, boxing, martial arts, basketball, handball, etc…

Married to a French lady and father of two sons, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is resident in Saudia Arabia since 1981. With over 40 years of experiences, this seasoned entrepreneur, a graduated engineer, has always sought to reconcile economic development with consideration of environmental and social issues.

He is very attached to human relations, and represents a bridge between all cultures and religions (Vice-President of the Association du Dialogue Inter Religions).

His values are his faith, his family and his origins and working tirelessly.

His motto, in all fields:

Serving others, and not to make use of somebody”