mohamed ayachi ajroudi, mohamed ajroudi, paix, homme d affaire, inventeur, entrepreneur, humaniste

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi

Engineer and inventor

Renowned engineer and inventor, Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI  is behind many technological innovations and several companies of international scope. Of Tunisian origin where he spent his first fourteen years, he continued his studies in France, and since 1985, he lives in Saudi Arabia with his wife Josette, of French origin and becomes the father of two children Mehdi and Zacharie. Back on the extraordinary journey of a serial entrepreneur like no other.

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mohamed ayachi ajroudi, mohamed ajroudi, paix, homme d affaire, inventeur, entrepreneur, humaniste


Originally from the south-east of Tunisia, in Gabès, Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI grew up in a family of officers of the French army, who became Tunisian army when the country gained independence in 1956. After the death of his father , occurring at the beginning of his adolescence, his uncle and his mother encourage him to go to continue his studies in France. And this is how young Mohamed left his native Tunisia to settle in the north of France, in Lille, where he joined in 1967 the National School of the Merchant Marine of Saint-Malo. “ I was orphan, no suitcase to pack. I left taking my mother’s scarf, it was my insurance, its smell.”he will say concerning this departure which sounds like a change of life. For five years, he traveled the seas and oceans before leaving the Navy in the early 1970s after obtaining the rank of Lieutenant. He then joined the Lille School of Engineers – which we now call POLYTECH – to come out graduated in 1977.

Despite the brilliant results, none of the companies likely to hire after school offer him anything. In France in the 1970s, it is not necessarily easy to be called Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI . However, by dint of perseverance, he eventually joined in 1978 the company ISEE OFFSHORE established in Pas-de-Calais. The Franco-Tunisian entrepreneur bought the company three years later, after creating his own engineering company, where he developed fasteners for barges and jakets on pipelines. It is rapidly expanding its field of activity to the Gulf countries and in particular to Saudi Arabia. It was at this time that he developed an underground irrigation system, dubbed the PORTUBE II, used to stop the advancement of the desert. It has been successfully tested in the government of Gabes, in Saudi Arabia and even in Paris. For this, he will be awarded the medal of merit of the cities of Mecca and Jeddah. To find out more about his various inventions and creations internationally, we invite you here .

Businessman recognized internationally, Mr. AJROUDI has built his life while remaining very attached to his deep values, without ever forgetting his origins, his village, his childhood friends or of course his country, ” his beautiful Tunisia” . He now wishes to share his love for humanity even more across the continents in order to offer the new generation a hopeful vision.

In January 2011, the date of the Tunisian revolution, Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI became a member of the organization of dialogue, which led to the Nobel Peace Prize . In 2013, he bought the television channel Al Janoubiya TV which broadcasts messages in favor of inter-religious dialogue and also economic development. In July 2017, he funded the march for peace and tolerance, allowing to gather on places victims of attacks in recent years, encouraged and welcomed by French President Emmanuel MACRON . In addition, he sets up his own political party. The Tunisian movement for freedom and dignity. Although this movement withdraws from the race during the legislative elections, Mr. AJROUDI clarifies the situation by explaining that his fight is mainly on the economic and social plan and that he will do everything to help the inhabitants of his country to live better.

mohamed ayachi ajroudi, mohamed ajroudi, paix, homme d affaire, inventeur, entrepreneur, humaniste

Strong commitments

mohamed ayachi ajroudi, mohamed ajroudi, paix, homme d affaire, inventeur, entrepreneur, humaniste

International figure

mohamed ayachi ajroudi, mohamed ajroudi, paix, homme d affaire, inventeur, entrepreneur, humaniste



Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI is behind many inventions and technological developments. A key player in the energy industry, he chairs major structures, whether in France or abroad, such as CNIM Saudi and Middle East . He is recognized for his commitments to the protection of the environment and his qualities as a mediator.

Back on the milestones of his life.

  • 1970
  • 1980
  • 1985
  • 1986
  • 1988
  • 1990
  • 1994
  • 2006
  • 2010
  • 2013
  • 2019
  • Launch of an industry-oriented career

    After studying hydraulic engineering in Lille, Mohamed Ayachi AJROUDI joined the company ISEE OFFSHORE (located in Nord Pas de Calais), specialized in maritime and petroleum works. It was three years later that he bought the company while creating his first company AMIS (Artois Maintenance Industries Services). These two companies will considerably launch the career of the entrepreneur.

  • Flagship innovations: Sportvert and Portube II

    From the early 80s, he distinguished himself with innovative creations. He developed Sportvert, a machine capable of setting up a football stadium much faster than usual. As well as Portube II, an underground irrigation system that saves considerable water.

  • Conquering the Saudi market

    Coming to settle in Saudi Arabia with his family in the mid-80s, Mr. Ajroudi took the opportunity to develop many projects of international scope by integrating global decision-makers.

  • Installation of a revolutionary tunnel boring machine

    After the creation of his first companies, he acquired international renown with the design of a tunneling machine, notably for the metros of Lille and Caracas in Venezuela. And all of this on behalf of Perforex.

  • Symbolic Rewards

    It was at the end of the 80s that Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen, Governor of Jeddah, presented Mr. Ajroudi with the medal of merit. A year later, he was also awarded the Quality of Life foundation, which campaigns against desertification in Africa and Middle East.

  • The development of multiple companies

    Very quickly during this new decade, Mr. Ajroudi took the opportunity to multiply business creation projects, whether in Tunisia, France or Saudi Arabia. These companies cover many sectors: real estate, petroleum, energy, public works, etc. Among these new companies, we can name : SADEG, Objectif Relevance, Razin Contracting

  • Construction of a mosque in Gabes

    In 1994, construction of a mosque that can accommodate more than 4000 people, adorned with the tallest minaret and the largest dome in Tunisia in its former “Jarra” district in Gabes, where the city’s commercial life is located.

  • Strategic partnerships

    Industrial equipment manufacturer with more than 3000 employees, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is very involved in the development of the CNIM group.

  • Partnership with ONAS

    In 2010, he signed a partnership with ONAS (National Office of Sanitation). The central objective is to develop projects in the fields of environment and sanitation services.

  • Economic, social and media interests

    Strongly attached to his Tunisian origins and following the revolution , Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi founded his own political party entitled The Movement of the Tunisian for Freedom and Dignity, in order to defend the social and economic interests of his native land. Very involved in media life, he bought the private channel Al Janoubiya TV. His platform is mainly used to transmit messages of peace.

  • Reconstruction of Libya

    After long negotiations since 2017, Mr. Ajroudi is now in agreement to work in favor of the fate of Libya. Above all, he wished to support this country in difficulty in its reconstruction and development, while working for peace.