Questions for a champion

On the occasion of the annual Francophonie Summit, “Question for a Champion”, famous program broadcast every day, on France 3 and TV5, presented by Mr. Julien LEPERS, organizes the prestigious competition set up since 1993.

40 candidates from Austria, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Croatia, Greece, Morocco, the Netherlands, Niger, Thailand and Togo, gathered for the “Special Francophonie 2008”.

Saudi Arabia participates for the first time in this championship initiated by Mr. AJROUDI, who was the guest of honor, alongside the Ex President of Senegal and currently Secretary General of the International Organization of La Francophonie, Mr. Abdou DIOUF.


Other personalities were present during the registration:

  • Mr Youssif TAQI, guest of Mr AJROUDI, CEO of AL SALAM Bank/li>
  • Mr Nabil AL TATTAN, guest of Mr AJROUDI, Vice President of AL SALAM Bank
  • The Director of the TV5 channel
  • The various Consular Officers and Ambassadors of the 10 competing countries.

Mr AJROUDI and Mr President Abdou DIOUF discuss different subjects
Mr Julien Lepers
Mr AJROUDI encourages the candidate representing Saudi Arabia Mr Matar Al KHATEEB between the recording sequences

Candidates from left to right: Austria, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Togo and Greece

From Left to Right: Mr AJROUDI, Mr President Abdu DIOUF, Mr Youssif TAQI and Mr Nabil AL TATTAN
From Left to Right: Mr Youssif TAQI, Mr Nabil AL TATTAN, Mr Julien LEPERS and Mr AJROUDI
From Left to Right: Mr President Abdu DIOUF, Mr AJROUDI and Mr TAQI
Mr AJROUDI congratulating Mr Julien LEPERS at the end of the recording of the program