Invitation to a conference

Mr François Canellas Vice President of CNIM, presents the concept of the “Grille Martin” to the Minister of Public Utility, to the Chairman of the Central Electricity Board (CEB) the Deputy of the Ambassador of France to MAURICE.

The conference took place at the LABOURDONNAIS hotel , in Port Louis, present at this conference:


  • The President and CEO of the CEB (Central Electricity Board),
  • Mr KASENALLY, Minister of Public Utility,
  • The Deputy of the French Ambassador to Mauritius,
  • Mr ISACK Rezza, Mayor of Port Louis,
  • Mr BACHIR Nazeer, Deputy Mayor and President of the Twinning Committee,
  • Mr ANOOP Madhow, Director of Air Mauritius.
  • Representatives of the Ministry of Finance, and the Prime Minister
  • Journalists (the morning, the express, the Mauritian, business magazine).

The purpose of this conference is to:

Present CNIM and its services,

Emphasize the interest of the “Martin Grid” which is the only one in the world used in incineration plants, manufactured by CNIM.

from right to left :
Mr AJROUDI with Mr Deva VERHASAWMY (Secretary General of the Labor Party), Mr Isack REEZA (Mayor of Port Louis), Mr BACHIR Nazeer (President of the Twinning Committee at the City Hall of Port Louis).
From left to right :
Mr Gilles VINCENT (Mayor of Saint Mandrier, in France, and project manager at CNIM), Mr Isack REEZA (Mayor of Port Louis), Mr AJROUDI, Mr BACHIR Nazeer (President of the Twinning and International Relations Committee)