Last 24 Hours Event – Libya

The events of the past 24 hours seem to demonstrate that since Watiya, there was not really any will to fight to hold the ground. It was best to stop the enemy advance. The retreats from Watiya, Tripoli and Tarhouna were most likely carried out voluntarily in order to gather forces in a place where they could together and in better conditions (less risk for the lines of communication and logistical flows) confront militias clearly reinforced since two months by Turkey and the Syrian mercenaries. The idea of ​​maneuver was also to exchange land for time in order to allow Egypt to present a Cairo initiative which restores its political legitimacy to the action of the ANL. Today, by a clever reversal of roles, it is Ankara, Doha, Sarraj and the Misrati who are under pressure. Because in broad daylight, even in the eyes of those who are rather favorable to them, their refusal of any negotiated solution based on a cease-fire.