Project display

May 23, 2006: presentation of the MMRL project in Jeddah

Saudi LANDBRIDGE project :

Saudi LANDBRIDGE project: A railway project between JEDDAH (RED SEA) RIYADH AND DAMMAM (GOLF) which is over 1,000 km

  • 950 KM of new lines between RIYADH and JEDDAH
  • 115 km of new lines between DAMMAM and JUBAIL
  • 450 km already existing between DAMMAM and RIYADH will be updated
Mr Ajroudi (SNCFIME), Mr Patrick Mgbenwelu (NCB), Mr Jean Pierre Loubinoux (SNCFI), His Excellency Doctor Jebara Bin Eïd AL-SURAISERY Minister of Transport, His Excellency Khaled Yahya (President SRO).
Mr Khaled YAHYA (President SRO)