Speech by Mr. AJROUDI – May 2020

Written by – Mohamed Ayachi Al-Ajroudi.


It is generally said: “When you lose wealth, nothing is lost, and when you lose health, some of what has been lost and when you lose yourself, all is lost.”
We ourselves do not want to lose it, whatever the cost. Our wealth is what we are, not what we have, what we can do for our country.


I was surprised, just as many of our patriots were saved from the two new laws that were introduced in the People’s Assembly :
– Basic Law No. 68/2018 on the approval of the Agreement on the encouragement and reciprocal protection of investments concluded on December 27, 2017 between the government of the Tunisian Republic and the government of the Republic of Turkey.
– A bill approving a headquarters agreement between Tunisia and the “Qatar Fund for Development” on the opening of a permanent office of the fund in Tunisia.


The Tunisian General Labor Union was right when it warned in a loud tone: “The danger of voting on these agreements on Tunisia, stressing the danger of allowing the opening of the Qatar Development Fund in Tunisia and the powers granted to it according to the text of the bill, in addition to the seriousness of the agreement presented with Turkey. ” It is clear that these two agreements serve the agenda of a particular political party, and they are on the description of one of the ministers and deputies to the council a treaty of confidence and a new colonialism for Tunisia.


Indeed, our country needs foreign investment and financing, but the agreements and proposals presented to Parliament for approval are not the best formula. Success does not come from the spontaneous ignition of fire of enthusiasm or the desire to achieve something. Rather, it must ignite the enthusiasm of your own enthusiasm, to realize that the mind like an umbrella only works if it is open. Returning to these agreements, they are overtaken by eras, events, development and construction options in almost every country in the world.


The best, most advantageous and most financially viable system or system for countries in difficulty is the BOT – BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER system, i.e. the funding mechanism for establishing infrastructure and infrastructure in a specific area away from public resources, and this system is considered one of the most appropriate and appropriate means to finance infrastructure projects and meet the needs of the country without compromising the state budget or borrowing on the global financial market.


This method has been adopted by most countries in the world, including developed countries, such as the United States and European countries, as well as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
Tunisia is experiencing difficulties in its budget as well as in its capacities given the state of ruins that the country has experienced in recent years due to the failure of the policies pursued by successive governments to relaunch the engines of growth and of wealth production.


It is also not in the interest of the country to continue borrowing or resorting to external financing, the BOT system therefore remains the best and the best solution, and it is only a mortgage of a decision Politics. This funding mechanism can perform the miracle and provide the ultimate solution to many of the country’s problems, whether in the development movement or the employment of hundreds of thousands of workers, from the proposed projects: Renewing the infrastructure of the countries, from deep water ports, airports, railways, motorways, bridges and dams.


Achieve self-sufficiency in the country’s needs, in particular renewable energy, such as solar energy, which is one of the wasted riches of Tunisia, by installing, for example, a 10,000 megawatt station in the south. Victory for a clean environment by building advanced sanitation facilities and recycling waste. Provide all areas with potable water needs by establishing desalination plants.
Build cities, hospitals, university vehicles and healthy housing complexes.
– And why not think of building a new capital that will soften the city of Tunis and give a new image to our country ?


These are thoughts and thoughts, because what is written on the door to success is a word, and that is: that you can see far beyond what others see. There is nothing that reconciles you with life with its painful fractures… like reaching and making people happy and changing people’s lives for the better, this is my method.


M. A.A