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Why would we need others, when good depends only on us ?

Engineer, industrialist and president of the Tunisian Movement for Freedom and Dignity, an opposition political party created in 2013, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi was one of the most virulent critics of the Troika which ruined Tunisia. In an article published here on October 12, 2014, he already noted that “Tunisia has lost the points of strength on which it could build, namely macroeconomic balances, the entrepreneurial capacity of its businessmen, confidence of national and foreign operators […] stability, security and serenity “. More obstinate than optimistic, he returns here to the gravity of the Tunisian crisis and reiterates some ways to remedy the present and build the future.


It is generally said that “when you lose wealth, you lose nothing, when you lose a little of your health you have lost a little, but when you lose yourself then you have lost everything”. We belong to ourselves, and that we do not want to lose it, whatever the price or the exchange. Our wealth is hardly what we own, but what we are; and more precisely, what we are capable of doing for our country.


I was surprised, like many of our true patriots, by two new laws which were recently presented to the Assembly of People’s Representatives.
– Basic Law No. 68/2018 on the approval of the Agreement on the encouragement and reciprocal protection of investments concluded on December 27, 2017 between the Government of the Tunisian Republic and the Government of the Republic of Turkey.
– the bill approving a headquarters agreement between Tunisia and the “Qatar Development Fund” on the opening of a permanent office of the fund in Tunisia.
In addition to the president of the Free Destourian Party, Abir Moussi, who had the audacity to alert and mobilize public opinion, the General Union of Tunisian Workers was right to warn strongly against “The danger of voting of these agreements on Tunisia “, stressing the” danger posed by the authorization to open the Qatar Development Fund in Tunisia as well as the powers granted to it according to the text of the bill, in addition to the gravity of the agreement presented with Turkey ”.


It is perfectly obvious that these two agreements serve the agenda of a particular political party, and they are, according to the words of a minister and certain deputies within the ARP, a new Trusteeship Treaty and a new form of colonization of Tunisia.


It is true that our country needs foreign investment and financing, but the agreements and proposals presented to Parliament for approval are not the best version. Success cannot be the result of spontaneous infatuation or the desire to accomplish anything. To succeed, it is essential that ambition comes from within, from one’s own mind, and that this is comparable to an umbrella: it is useful only when it is open.


The agreements in question are no longer on the agenda, neither up to the events, nor compatible with the development and construction options chosen by almost every country in the world. The monetary system or the best financing system, the most advantageous for countries in difficulty is the BOT – BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER system, that is to say the financing mechanism to establish the adequate infrastructure in any field, without use public resources. This system is considered to be one of the most appropriate means of financing infrastructure projects and meeting the needs of the country without compromising the state budget or borrowing on the world financial market.


This method has been adopted by most countries of the world, including by the most developed countries, such as the United States, European countries, as well as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore etc.


Tunisia is experiencing budgetary difficulties and lack of resources, given the ruinous state in which the country has found itself in recent years due to the failure of the policies pursued by successive governments to relaunch the engines of growth and wealth production.


Because it is not in the best interests of the country to continue to go into debt or to rely exclusively on foreign funding, the right solution, which is only a matter of political will, is the BOT system. This financing mechanism can work miracles and provide the best and ultimate solution to the many problems of the country, whether it be in stimulating development or in recruiting hundreds of thousands of workers, and it can be declined from of the following projects:
– Renewal of the country’s infrastructure, including ports, airports, railways, roads, bridges and dams.

– Realization of the self-sufficiency of the needs of the country, via renewable energies, like solar energy, which is one of the wasted wealth in Tunisia, by the installation, of a station of 10 thousand megawatts in the south by example.

– Creation of a clean environment by creating advanced sanitation facilities and recycling waste.
– Respond to the need for all drinking water areas by building desalination plants.
– Construction of cities with health infrastructures, hospitals, universities and building complexes.
– And why not think of building a new capital to unclog the city of Tunis and to give a new image to our country ?


In the agricultural and livestock sectors, tackling food self-sufficiency, the country is able to achieve this.
These are only thoughts and some considerations that emanate from a pragmatic mind and a soul that suffers for his country, but who persists in believing in the will of everyone to transcend the difficulties of existence by faith in yourself. Because, what is written on the pediment of the door that leads to success is this: even when you want to persuade yourself otherwise, you can see far beyond what others are looking at. There is nothing that can best reconcile you with existence and its painful fractures, nothing that comforts your conscience than making people happy by changing their lives for the better. Much more than altruism, it is the noblest and most concrete translation of humanism.


It’s my vision, my way of being and acting, my trajectory. All of my achievements bear witness to what I have designed and accomplished, and I continue to carry out projects in various fields around the world. I keep in me the thrilling hope of seeing my country in a better situation, a situation which is worth living for a great people like ours.


Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi